April 21, 2014

New Beginnings

During my recent morning walks, I've been noticing all the amazing fresh greenery that's popping up around my neighborhood. It's got me thinking about new beginnings and how I might feel as a new scrapbooker entering our overwhelming world of product and style. Where would I even start? Then I read a blog post by Ali Edwards (she is my memory keeping hero) about these exact thoughts. You can read her entire article here, but I'll give you her top five tips for beginning, with my two-cents worth added of course! Even us seasoned scrapbooking warriors need a reminder of our humble roots now and then.

Begin with the end in mind. Consider the purpose of your documentation and what you want to capture. Write it down. You could refer to this "mission statement" to bring back your focus anytime you start to feel it waver. Start simple. Don't get overwhelmed by product. Decide on an album size, choose some cardstock and a method to trim it, add your favorite pens and some adhesive and you've got all the makings of a scrapbook. Really, it's that simple. 

Make a list of the stories you want to get told.
You'll notice during your scrapbooking journey that although you have an amazing life and there are myriad stories that must be shared, it can become a never-ending chore to tell each and every one. Pick a few important ones to begin and get them down.

Look online for inspiration. You already know that if you're reading this, right? There are oodles of fantastic artists and sites out there just waiting to inspire you.

Embrace imperfection. You might not get it right the first time or the tenth time, but it's worth it to keep trying. Just start and see where it leads. The more you practice, the more your scrapbooking will evolve.

To Ali's list I would add taking a hands-on class that would allow you to explore different products and design methods, as well as finding a "crop" or group function to attend that would give you ample time to work on a first project and more than ample inspiration from those working around you :)

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Karen Tews Lien said...

Great tips and motivation for all scrapbookers - beginners and those of us who have gotten behind or burnt out a bit! Thanks Kristi!