April 5, 2011

Welcome Back Kristi!

You may  have noticed a new face at Paper Pals the past 2 weeks. Kristi Wildung, is back at Paper Pals to help Shawna & Karen run the store. She worked for us a few years ago and is a talented scrapbooker and paper artist.

Kristi designed the Family Banner for the Mom's Weekend Class this Saturday - Please stop by and check out her Family banner, say Hi and introduce yourself!

We are so HAPPY to have her back on our team!
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Kristi said...

Thanks! I am SO happy to be back and surrounded by such awesome creativity :)

Judy said...

It was great to see you the other day!! :0)

AngMomof3 said...

Welcome back, Cotter! Er, Kristi! It's so great to see you at the store and know that your projects will be there too!