June 14, 2008

Shawna Rocks!

Shawna is amazing! She is not only the best store manager I could ever have, she is also creative, dedicated, talented, funny, warm and one of the best friends anyone could ask for!!

Today was just another "typical" work day for Shawna at Paper Pals...It started out with the Pullman Scrap Kit Club that has 21 gals in it and a waiting list! Shawna has been in charge of the Kit Club for the past 2 years and she does such a great job with it. She spends a lot of her own time and money trying to make the kits unique, fun and challenging. She really puts her heart and soul into this club and I am really proud of her for it. She worries about it every month and wants so much to please everyone in the club and tries really hard to make sure that all the gals in the group feel welcome, involved and special. She does this not for me or the Store, but for the gals in the group!!

After hosting the Kit Club meeting, she taught her acrylic album class for 11 ladies. They all loved it and were so inspired by Shawna and her teaching style!

So, if you have a chance - leave a comment for Shawna if you agree with me; or better yet...stop in or call her! She deserves all the kudos we could give her!

Thanks Shawna!!
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London Tierney said...

Shawna you really DO ROCK! i second the aforementioned kudos to how inspiring and simply amazing you are! I love you lots!

Janie said...

I third this Motion! Shawna YOU ROCK!!!!!! Karen.. You do too! I love you both and are not only awesome people, but great Friends. Thank you for everything!!!!! Love you Lots!!!!!!!!!!

lindsaysain said...

Wooohoooo for Shawna! You know what? I owe it to HER that I got back into scrapbooking and really love doing it again. I was in a huge rut, but joining kit club over a year ago really jumpstarted my scrapping again. Her kits always inspired, stretched, and motivated me to try new things and be open-minded with the artistic possibilities of whatever treats she put together for us! It's always obvious there's a little chunk of Shawna's soul in everything she does... in what other retail arena can you stop in to find such consistantly kind, dedicated folks like Shawna and Karen? (and all the other wonderful staff and teachers, too!) They've made Paper Pals SO MUCH more than a store...it IS a little club house where we can all go to get smiles, love and PAPER!!!
Love you, Shawna!

Powers Family said...

Can I just second Lindsay's comment! I love the fact that I walk into the store I feel like I am meeting up with friends to chit chat with and are not just about the products but really want to know about me and my life. I know in kit club we can be dare I say harsh when the kits don't suit our personal needs but I know that kit club and the store has challenged me to take my scrapbooking to the next level and explore ideas I would have NEVER thought of doing. The acrylic album really stretched me but it was good to be encouraged to go with what I thought would work and not just make an exact copy of what someone else created. I know I am nowhere near the level as some of ya'all but at least I feel like I am getting there. Thanks you all for making the store feel like a special place to go and making me feel welcomed into your "family"

Terri said...

Shawna, You are a blast to be around. You rock too. You always know how to make me laugh whenever I am around you. Thanks for everything.

Shelle and Dan said...

I agree with all of the above. Shawna is creative, friendly, fun and treats everyone in the store like an old friend. Thanks Dear for all the encouragement, challenging kits and great creative feedback. Yup, Shawna certainly makes Paper Pals more than just a store.

Amber said...

Shawna, you ARE awesome! You are a lot of fun and creative. You always have wonderful ideas and you are so supportive. It's true that I feel like I'm visiting a friend when I visit the store. Karen, you are the same way. You two have done so much for me! Thank you!

Cass said...

Yes, Shawna does rock! ... and I sure do miss being able to come into the store!