May 3, 2008

Got School Spirit? We Do!

We have the EK Success Pep Rally stickers in Gold, Black, Green, Red, Orange, Maroon and Blue for all of the local schools and Universities! We also have custom school paper for Pullman, Moscow, Colfax, Troy, Genesee, Deary and WSU. If we don't have your school colors let us know!

Also got in some fun Graduation papers, rub-ons, tassels, and stickers. Need graduation announcements? We have some really great ideas and samples and are always willing to help you make your own!
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1 comment:

Janie said...

You don't have Potlatch, but you do that the Green and Gold, just need the white and you got it! hehehe (Just kidding, the Green is the perfect color for it!)