March 11, 2008

Tuesday Already?

Since Karen is gone for Spring Break I have been given the task of overseeing both stores, receiving orders, helping customers, and pretending to be the "BIG BOSS"!

I am so glad that she and I share the duties of two stores because it is a lot of work. For example, I completely forgot about a blog update because I was busy with weddings and a HUGE order that came in.

So todays post is a great big THANK YOU! to Karen! Have a great trip and we will all see you when you get back!

Be on the lookout for a new post tomorrow. I have something exciting to share!
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Judy said... BIG tease!!! Now, I will have to tune in tomorrow to find out the exciting thing you have to share!!! It was great having coffee with you today, I miss you!
Have a great week being the BIG BOSS!! (And, Karen, if you're reading this have a wonderful and relaxing week---you deserve it!!)
:0) Love ya!!

Karen said...

Thanks for being such a great friend and manager! You are the best!!