December 8, 2007

Our Kit Club - Ad Inspiration Challenge

Here are all of the layouts from Pullman's Kit Club Ad Inspiration Challenge. The inspirational ad is pictured to the left of each member's layout. We were all so impressed with the amount of creativity these ladies have! Paper Pal's Kit Club Girls Rock!

Were you inspired? Leave us a comment!

Deb F
Brenda S
Lindsay R
Shelle L
Beka G
Pru B
Christy Y
Nikki P
Tracy M
Darcie P
Bonnie L
Debbie P
Shaena N
Let these gals know that they inspired you! Leave us a comment.
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1 comment:

Judy said...

I am inspired...what creative ladies!!! I forget that print ads can be such a great source of inspiration, both with design and color combinations!! And, thanks for posting them for us all to see!