August 12, 2007

Paper Pals Past...5 Years!!

Wow 5 years! How did that happen? I am always amazed and bewildered at how time flies. I am so proud of Paper Pals and all we have accomplished in the past five years.

Paper Pals started out in a cute little classroom located in the Gladish Community Center five years ago. We painted it our signature green and had an art student hand paint our "words" on the walls. I hear the room is still green and still has our words up! Back then we were just a scrapbook and stamp studio where you could come in and scrapbook and/or stamp. We also held classes and crops several times a week. I had a 1 year lease and started to bring in a few items to sell; Bazzill cardstock, adhesive, stamps and some inks. Towards the end of our first year I started to search for a more visible retail space and found a really cute spot in the Square One building just down the street (literally) from Gladish.

We got out the green paint, had our words painted for a second time and moved into our new space. I loved being in downtown Pullman, it was fun to be right in the heart of the downtown area. We could walk across the street for lattes at Cafe Moro, drop off our paper work to Carmel our Accountant, go visit with Fred & Fran at J&H Printers and shop the Antique Store daily! The shop was only 800 square feet, but we filled it to the brim with lots of goodies and even had room for classes! We stayed at this spot for 2 years until we outgrew it!

Our 3rd and final Pullman location is our current space on Grand Avenue next to Dairy Queen. We have been here for 2 years and don't have any plans to move the Pullman store again! Our 5 year anniversary is next Saturday, the 18th of August from 10am-10pm. We are going to have 50 free goodie bags at the door - first come first serve! We will also have cake, punch, double punches on your shopper card and a $5.00 crop from 10am-10pm (make sure you sign up ahead of time.) Hope you can all stop by to help us celebrate!

And now we have our second shop over in Moscow and we are doing great! We are so lucky to have such wonderful customers and communities that support small businesses. Thanks to everyone for the past 5 years and for being there for us in the next 5 years!
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Rachel said...

congrats! You should be so proud. (this is one of those moments to stop and pat yourself on the back) I actually have teared up looking at the collage. (I'd love if you'd e-mail me the pic of Sabrina and I at the kit club) I am going to miss you and your business so much. You don't have any idea. Thank you for welcoming me in and I will miss you!

Sue Tews said...

Karen, This is awsome. Wow, who would have thunk, right???? Dad and I are so proud of you, our hearts swell. So, I helped you move in the Gladish store, then the move to downtown Pullman,(that was a trip n' a half), I thought I would never walk properly again), then to the Pullman's final location. I was so happy to be part of all of it. Your stores are beautiful and we pray that your success will be ten fold. We love you so much,


Judy said...

Amazing journey, and I'm so proud to be a small part of it!!! I was SO excited the day that Jean and I found Paper Pals up in Gladdish, and we were SO happy that you carried Bazzill cardstock...we were looking for "kraft" color, remember?? Great store, great owner, great future!!!!! Love,

Cass said...

Congratulations Karen and gang! Yes, lots to celebrate indeed.

Wish I was there!
Cass Morgan

Jackie said...

Happy Almost Birthday, PP!! :)